Island of Aegina 2021:

The Hidden Gem Tour

The highlight of any visit to Greece, the Island of Aegina, with its ever-refreshing atmosphere, is one of the most impressive and breathtaking Islands you can experience in Greece. Explore the hidden secret of the amazingly beautiful, simple, and authentic Island of Aegina in a full-package seven days tour with the most impressive Tour Concierge, ME!.

Designed for passionate individuals, the tour to the Island of Aegina, a place filled with iconic landmarks such as Byzantine monuments, the temple of Apollo and Athena, sublime beaches with crystal clear waters, a thriving pistachio industry, a medieval castle, as well as beautiful neoclassic houses offers sense seducing and creativity-inspiring experiences which are capable of harnessing your natural aesthetic.

Discover beautiful hidden gems with small Venetian harbor lined with colorful fishing boats, un spoilt beaches, narrow cobblestone laneways, whitewashed churches, and idyllic sunsets coupled with unlimited access to wonderful fresh local products and dinner at local houses. Touring the Island of Aegina with me will afford you plenty of time to reflect while equipping you with long-lasting beautiful memories.

Let your Passion propel you while I provide the guidance and exclusive support to set the framework targeted at immersing you in authentic village life, honing your craft, inspiring your island life, and living a local life nurtured by the beauty of nature in the seven days tour to the Island of Aegina.

The tour is equipped with the avenue to:

  • Visit The Temple of Aphaia, the local pistachio farm, Moni Island, and several other iconic places close to the Island.
  • Participate in pottery classes where you do not only get to make and paint your own piece but also uncover the century-long history of the Island of Aegina as a synonymous artisan pottery producer.
  • Swim in pristine waters while experiencing a traditional Island picnic with the wild deer and peacocks and also uncover the story behind the Island being “the best producer of pistachios in the world.”
  • Acquire local island culinary skills by attending a hands-on cooking class culminating with a sumptuous lunch.
  • Wine and dine in the Island traditional with bouzouki music, plate smashing, and Greek dancing
  • Lodge in a traditional Greek island hotel where you have access to the panoramic views of the Gulf of Perdika right from your room.

With plenty of time to reflect, swim, sleep, and have fun.

Cost per person EU2500

Non refundable deposit EU600

The tour includes:

  • 6 nights accommodation on Aegina Island
  • 7 breakfast
  • 4 lunches
  • 2 dinners
  • And all tours and experiences designed specifically enjoy and discover the gems and people of Aegina Island.

And transfers to and from Port of Aegina. All you have to do is get yourself there and there’s plenty of daily ferry services that operate to the Aegina Island.

Registration To Our Tour

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These are the experiences you can’t find on a travel brochure and these are the memories that will stay with us forever.

John McWhorter