“With Niki, You Don’t Just Visit Greece, You Experience Greece.”

Lia Zalums-tour participant.

As a teen, I dreamed of traveling the world. France, Italy, Greece, New York….but it was never going to happen to me. I was a “good Greek girl,” so traveling the world was a pipe dream and totally out of the question. I was brought up to believe that I can only get to travel the world if and only if my husband wants to travel.

An incident that changed my life was the death of my mother when I was 20. That extreme loss, by default, left me with this new but unexpected space. Freedom. Not sure what to call it, without sounding like I was happy about the loss. I certainly wasn’t, but suddenly the trajectory of my life just changed. But that’s how life works, right? One thing changes…and everything changes.

Bitten by the travel bug, I began to see the world and its usual touristy locations and sites. Over time, I began to yearn, look for, and invest in experiences that brought me closer to the authentic reality of any city or town I was in.  Discovering hidden, unknown, and glorious places to visit, amazing accommodation and family run restaurants became my new venture. It’s traveling on another level. And with that, came the added bonus of meeting locals and getting to know them as they invited me into their homes and often cooked for me. I connected locations in such a way that I began to feel like a local. I spent so much time with the locals, swimming and eating with them. I believe I experienced this sort of travel because I let go. I followed the scent so to speak, because I began to realise that’s where the magic is. In the unknown. You have to let go and trust.

Right now, my greatest desire is to bring fellow travelers with me as I organise tours that are capable of creating memories that will forever be treasured.  I am offering travelers the opportunity to wake each morning on tour with a whole new experience in front of them. When you travel with me, you do not only get to see incredible unknown places, but you also get to eat with locals, learn to cook their delicious Mediterranean food and swim in beautiful quiet spots that allow you to reflect, recover and rejoice in life. When your head hits your pillow at night, you will know you just had the best of day.

True adventure goes beyond sightseeing and having fun. In the process of fulfilling my dream, I discovered my passion and compassion for the communities that hope to have just enough visitors( but not so many to spoil their environment), yet supporting them to live their own lives on the Island. Join me as I deliver a sense of possibility across Greece.

These are the experiences you can’t find on a travel brochure and these are the memories that will stay with us forever.

John McWhorter